Life Without Water?

Ever wonder what we’d be without water?  Well, some ugly, wrinkly bags of skin, first off.  And really thirsty, second.  I, for one, would also be pretty grumpy in a dry world.

I need water around me.  Flowing, rushing, tumbling, lapping.  Pooling.  Raining.  Arching in waves over my head.  It cleanses my soul, makes me take deeper breaths, when I’m near a lake, ocean, creek.  It keeps me balanced.

That’s why this little ditty here is called “on the horizon line.”  One of my favorite sights is the bow of my boat, pointed straight for that adventurous, amorphous line between water and air.  I crave it.  The edge of the elements, where the water begins–or ends?–is my home.  It’s where I aim to center myself.

Stay tuned for how.

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